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Our adorable Shih Tzu puppies are given the Best Start to let them grow up to be a Happy, Healthy and Sociable Family Member.
Our Shih Tzus Dogs Pass Their Super Beauty, Health & Loving Temperament To Their Babies,  Our ShihTzu puppies have gorgeous baby doll face and sweet loving personality.
It is far more important to us to maintain the QUALITY of our puppies, NOT QUANTITY.

Sorry, After 2010' Litter, We Don't Have Any Puppies Available.
But we expecting to have More Chinese Imperial Teacup, Tiny Toy Miniature, Smaller Standard Sizes Shih Tzu puppies for sale Born Year End of 2017', Sorry for the long wait!
We Are Using These Few Years To Search For The Best Shih Tzu Dad & Moms.

$300 Non-Refundable Deposit for Future Puppy Reservation,  When the puppy is ready to leave the nest, the $300 will be applied to the purchase price of the puppy. Cash balance due when you come and pick up the puppy between 8-9 weeks old.
We NEVER Have Many Puppies And Most Are Sold Before They're Born.
Puppy price determined on an individual puppy depending on Gender, Quality, Pedigree, Size & Appearance, etc... EMAIL FOR DETAIL

If You Like To Become A Proud Owner Of Our wonderful Puppy,
You May Reach Me Beginning of 2015  
You Must Be Over 18 Yrs. Old To Send Us An Email / Call / Purchase Our Puppy

We will send you the birth announcement &  newborn puppies photos within one week after they are born,  And will update puppies photos / progress every 2-3 weeks
So that you can watch your ShihTzu puppy growth during the first 8-9 weeks period.

Our Shih Tzu puppy goes home with a free puppy package that includes:

Puppy American Kennel Club "AKC" Register certificates,  Puppy health record,  Copy of father and mother five / six generation pedigree,  Detail Puppy care information explaining feeding, care, training .....,   Copy of your signed health guarantee/agreement,  A (parents, sibling & our) Scented baby blanket,  Puppy's food sample - Flint River Ranch kibble,  Information of spay or Neuter,  Puppy Toy,   Quality Orthodontic elastics for topknot, Etc...

We  Do  Not  sell  puppy  for  breeding  or  other  purpose
We  Definitely  Do  Not  sell  any puppies  to  Broker,  Puppy  Mill  operator  or  Pet  Shop
We do reserve the right to refuse any sale that we feel is not in the best interest of our puppies

San Francisco  Bay area  California 
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Buy  ONLY  From  A  Quality  Breeders  OR  Adopt  From  SPCA  or  Humane  Society
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Click on this photo  to see our imperial teacup papa and miniature tiny toy mama shih tzu dogs photos