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   Do you want a tiny quality Shih Tzu puppy to add to your family? You've come to the right place.  Adopt a Shih Tzu puppy from us and you will get a loving and smart Shih Tzu dog to share your life, it will fill your home with years of happiness.  Hi, I am Karen, I was born & raised in Hong Kong, we are located just few minutes from San Francisco Zoo, Harding Park and San Francisco Ocean Beach.

   I'm a very selective hobby Shih Tzu breeder and take great pride in the quality and health of the puppies I produce.  We only have 1 papa and 2 mamas to love and care for, this way, every dog we own and every puppy we produce are happy and sound.  I'm motivated by the love of Shih Tzu,  we put considerable time, energy, hard work, love and money into these little lives that we help create.  Our goal is constant improvement of the breed from litter to litter and our primary focus is to raise show quality gorgeous small tiny Shih Tzus dog with wonderful temperament, we breed our excellent pedigree Champion-Sired tiny toy size Shih Tzu mamas to our handsome Chinese Imperial Teacup Shih Tzu papa, producing outstanding elegant ShihTzu puppies.

All of our Shih Tzus are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) for purebred dogs, and all of our puppies will also be entered to the American Kennel Club after they're born.

   We put extreme care to select Shih Tzus we breed.  Our Shih Tzu parents were tested and passed for several genetic health issues that are common in Shih Tzus such as kidney, liver, thyroid, etc...(This is to ensure that our puppies will enjoy a long healthy life).

   We DON'T have a kennel; all of our dogs live inside our home, they are part of our family.  All of our puppies are whelped and raised inside our home with children and handled with lots of love and care from day they were born to the day they go to a new home,  Love and attention makes our puppies very lovable, sociable, and easy to acclimate to a new family life.   We also begin the housebreaking potty train process (newspaper / wee wee pad) before you ever bring the puppy home.

   We begin to socialize our puppies from the time they were born by exposing them to gentle touch, cuddle and other positive experiences so that the puppy learns to like and trust humans.  All of our puppies will be de-wormed, vaccinated and examined by a license Veterinary prior placing, with a money back health guarantee / agreement and puppies package.

  Sorry, We don't give breeding rights, we have a strong bond with our dogs and are attached to every puppy we produce, so it is very important to us that all of our puppy are going to a loving and caring home where they will live a happy loved life.  Our greatest reward is a successful match of owners and puppies, produced lots of rewarding relationships and brought so much pleasure to others.

We are always available as a resource for advice and support for the lives of our puppies if needed.
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All  of  the  photos  on  our  website  were  EXACT  our  dogs  or  puppies,   we  Never  use  any  dog / puppy  photo  from  any  other  source 

Regardless of what breed or kind of puppy you are interested, recommend you take a look at the puppies's parents in person,  to see if their temperament, quality, condition, size and pedigree is what you want in your puppy.

Please take your time to go through our site and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed creating the site.

It has come to my attention that some website have copied my text and photos and use it as their own, or even named their website very similar to mine, but with LOTS of Low Quality Shih Tzu dogs. So when you type my website name, be very careful, Im in San Francisco Bay Area California, and keep no more than 4 papa & mama dogs altogether, ALL of our mamas are Champion Sired and imported from Asia, I've spent considerable time and effort to search my Shih Tzu and putting this information up, and I would appreciate it if other sellers use their own Shih Tzu dogs &s puppy's photos, different name & format. Thanks!

You MUST be at least 18 years old to send us an email / call / purchase our puppy.

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